Light Codes To Assist Coping Mechanisms | The New Normal

by The Sound Alchemist



Light Codes To Assist Coping Mechanisms | The New Normal


Sound healing session that has been interpreted by the means of light codes to assist you with better coping mechanisms and too find strength with our new normal within society. This sound healing session can help you let go of fear, overthinking and any worries along with awakening your spiritual warrior to help build strength and power. Whilst allowing you to stay grounded this piece can open up your awareness and allow you read in-between the sounds and interpret your own angelic messages / light codes.

A full sound bath washing over you full of angelic blessings

852hz: Let go of fear, overthinking and worries
777hz: Infinite angelic blessings
396hz: Stay grounded and connected
70hz: Awaken your spiritual warrior powers
7hz: Build your inner strength and power

Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies ( earphones will not be suffice ). Please listen on a low to medium volume. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 1-2 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after. Never exceed twice a week for any sound healing session.


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released October 29, 2020


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Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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