Rain Collection: Pure Binaural Beats // Positive Aura Cleanse

by The Sound Alchemist



Pure Binaural Beats with the relaxing calming sound of rain.

0.30hz: Removes depression
8.6hz: Reduces stress
38hz: Endorphin release
60hz: Boost Dopamine
60hz: Release beta endorphins
432hz: Pure happiness frequency
90hz: Good feelings
321.9 Serotonin release
250hz: Mood elevation
285hz: Positive Aura Cleanse
639hz: Connect with self

The base frequency of each binaural beat is set to 136.1Hz which has the effects of being calming, meditative, relaxing and centering. Also known as the OM frequency, this combination of frequencies has an extra healing boost when applied to the body and aura.

Every once in a while, we as human beings just need too cleanse and pamper ourselves. But what we don't often address is our aura. The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our physical bodies, a ball of energy that encompasses the body. The aura consists of seven layers: physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute planes. Each layer has a frequency that is unique to the individual, but can be generalized. Minor frequency changes occur between each individual like our personalities and physical appearance.

When we cleanse our aura's we are pampering and renewing the seven layers. A sound bath for the soul. Evening out discrepancies, removing any negativity and raising positive frequencies that stimulate our overall physical and mental health and ultimately stabilizes happiness, well-being and contentment. Experience the flow of life in all its beauty and nurture your aura from the ultimate sound spa of love and light.

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released April 25, 2018


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Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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