Maha Meru │ Cancer Recovery Aid

by The Sound Alchemist



Maha meru represents cosmic power and divinity. The powerful energies of Maha meru picks up the cosmic vibrations radiated by the planets and celestial objects and converts them into positive vibrations. Purifying the atmosphere the Maha meru and its geometric vibrational energies can be a powerful tool used within sound healing to help aid cancer patients during and post treatment stages.

This sound healing session concentrates on using specific sound healing techniques to help aid with pain management, relaxation techniques reducing stress/anxiety, uplift mood/balance emotion, reduce nausea and repair cell damage (dna repair). It focuses the spiritual body on the maha meru to bring positivity and wellbeing into our systems during your testing time and brings you into a state of alignment with source energy, thus aligning own spiritual and physical being.

Frequencies used:

Dna repair – repair cell damage: 432hz
Reducing nausea: 110 Hz - 2.67Hz with a carrier frequency of 281.0Hz
Uplift mood: 0.18-10Hz - Binaural Beat 10hz Alpha binaural beat
Enhance relaxation/stress: Earth Resonance of 7.83hz
Pain management: 128 or Ohm/Earth tuning fork – 174hz
Relieve Fatigue & Muscle Tension: 3hz and 120hz
Fatigue Energizer: intervals of 20 Hz - 4 Hz - 1.5 Hz

Decreasing frequency flow:
Gamma: 25 – 60hz (typically 40hz)
Alpha: 8hz – 12hz
THETA: 4 – 8hz
Delta: 0.5hz – 4hz


released February 10, 2016


all rights reserved



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Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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