Love Frequency 528hz

by The Sound Alchemist

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Digital Gandharva At $12.99, I find this way overpriced, and at the same time I feel that I can never unhear what I heard here. The first few minutes might not sound like much, but once the voices set in, with their weird and unsettling ascending and descending glides, this becomes something entirely different. A magical journey into a more subtle and metaphysical reality. Not suitable for casual listening or background music duties - for this to work, it requires your full and undivided attention. Favorite track: Love Frequency 528hz (Inviting Divine Love Energy) Pt 1.


Designed to be heard through stereo headphones

( please note this is an updated version to the original on Youtube)

...comes with our free youtube video

A beautiful calming relaxing experience to de-clutter the mind, relax the soul and calm the thoughts.

Sound Healing is the oldest form of healing known to man. Specific frequencies can alter, change and manipulate moods, heart beat, blood flow, adrenalin, entrain brainwave states, aid relaxation, aid tranquility, aid pain management, aid stress, help fight addictions and much much more ....

Sound Healing ~Love is tailored to invite love into our lives through the use of specific solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, music therapy techniques, relaxation techniques and spiritual frequency manipulation.

Designed to fully open the chakras, allowing the healing process to begin through subtle vibrations into the ear and around our human bodies.

Inviting Love into our lives is the key to bringing positivity and wellbeing into our beings. By opening up the chakras and aware-ness, with specific frequencies, this can invite the right kind of karma into our souls.

Includes one full composition and two pure binaraul and solfeggio compositions, Love Chakra Video and sound healing pack.


released March 28, 2012


all rights reserved



The Sound Alchemist UK

Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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