Akashic Frequency Activation: PTSD Recovery (with Binaural Beats)

by The Sound Alchemist



Akashic Frequency Activation: Trauma Recovery (PTSD Sound Therapy) is a brainwave entrainment session to help you overcome the effects caused by any traumatic experiences you have faced in life. Wether that be from sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse, all negative energies that we generate automatically go straight to your physical and spiritual systems.

By accessing your akashic records through vibrational therapy, you can let go and clear the negative energies you have been holding on too since the abuse or trauma birth.

This Sound Therapy session helps you to connect with those vibrations through the use of binaural beats, brainwave entrainment techniques, white noise, brown noise and specific frequencies so that you can then meditate and use the law of attraction to set yourself free.

Fear of intimacy, low self esteem, addictions, depression, anger, anxieties, inability to progress in life, self-doubt, guilt, negative body image, control issues, dependency on others, need for constant approval are just a few symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Healing a person’s trauma that has resulted from sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse is a multi-dimensional task. We are multi-dimensional beings and work needs to be done on all aspects of our true selves to really be able to move on from abuse.

The sacral chakra is the portal from our sexual spirit that intertwines with the spirituality and energy fields of the other person and the spirits that are attached to it. It is important that we heal our selves as this negative energy can be transferred from person too person when in a loving connective relationship. Our portals in our Sacral Chakra is the womb of creation. We connect to our Divine Source and creator through the sacral chakra. The entities that linger needs to be cleared and sent to Light for its higher purpose and good and for you to break free from the cycle of abuse. The law of attraction states that we will only attract more abuse if we do not let go of it.

Source energy is asking you to heal these areas in your life within your existence to help your future children, partners, ourselves and to allow a bright and shining future for all that surround you.

Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies.

174hz emotion and physical healing tone

396hz: release fear and guilt solfeggio

0.5hz: Letting go of the past

4 hz: Train your brain and let your subconscious absorb positive affirmations

10Hz: for the use of Post-Traumatics in Auriculotherapy.

136hz: calming, meditative effect, whole being balancing, known as the "soul frequency" to regenerate positivity within your consciousness.

417hz: wipes away negative energy
Undoing Situations And Facilitating Change,
Heal the Emotional Trauma / Karma Of Sexual Abuse

7 Hz: negative abuse goes straight to your cells which releases negative energy and toxic pain. 7hz facilitate healing by addressing and releasing toxic build-up. 4-7 Hz: emotional healing, lowers mental fatigue

963hz: accessing akashic frequency activation to facilitate change by law of attraction - returning to spirit order - wiping your consciousness of negative buildup

White and Brown Noise: Brown noise deepens concentration and your ability to focus, whilst also maintaining the ability to interact on a multidimensional level. White noise can aid relaxation and help open your consciousness.



released October 1, 2017


all rights reserved



The Sound Alchemist UK

Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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