Activate Brain To It’s Fullest Potential | Improve Brain Vitality & Enable Crystal Clear Cognition | Brain Wave Binaural Beats Therapy

by The Sound Alchemist



Develop good study habits and study skills by giving your brain and higher self a head start. In the Alpha state, the mind and body are relaxed, but at a level of precise focus that it is crucial for taking in new information, whilst keeping the mind focused and more susceptible in learning new things. There is a greater link between the conscious and subconscious mind within the Alpha brainwave state, while you are consciously learning, the alter brain is also unconsciously processing what your trying to learn. The frequencies involved within this session aids focus & concentration, improves memory, increases problem solving, conscious thinking and aids resting vitality. By resonating in tune with the universe, we can tap into our abilities to improve intelligence in both the physical world and spiritual dimensions. Our higher selves, can aid our waking brain into an orbital form of cognition, that enhances learning skills.

It is advised to listen to this sound healing session 20 minutes before you begin to study as a preparation exercise. Then continuously throughout study. It is better to study in short bursts regularly, so it is advised to study 20mins on, 10 mins off, 20 mins on, 10 mins off for a total of 1 and half hours.

Frequencies Used
14hz: improves focus and Concentration
432hz: improves learning, cognition and memory
60hz: Pre-study Gamma frequency for improvement in memory and problem solving
4.5hz: (theta) Increase creativity and learning capability


released October 22, 2017


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Sound Healing: Music For Spiritual Growth

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